Pension plan fight is having an impact

The Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP) is under attack, but efforts by CUPE Alberta, CUPE Locals and other unions are having an impact. 

Acting on direction from the provincial government, the LAPP (which covers over 25,000 CUPE Alberta members), has been examining changes to benefits, including an end to automatic indexing of pensions and higher retirement ages.

In her address to convention, President Marle Roberts included two pieces of good news regarding the campaign to keep the Conservative government from making cuts to LAPP pension benefits.

Roberts told delegates that the LAPP board has decided to not review or release the results of a highly flawed survey which asked members to rank different benefit cuts in order of priority.

More significantly, Roberts reported that the LAPP board has decided to recommend no changes to the plan at this time.

“This is a victory, and we should congratulate ourselves,” said Roberts. “The pressure from our locals and our members is making a difference.”

Contact: Lou Arab, Communications Representative

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