RORY GILL: We are wining the fight against the UCP

CUPE Alberta President Rory Gill says Albertans are winning the fight against the UCP, and they know it.

“We see it in the polls, we see it in the party fundraising numbers, and we see it and hear it in our conversations with co-workers, friends and family,” said Gill. “Everyone is tired of these guys. We’re tired of the excuses, the lies the poor economy, and the terrible approach to COVID.”

Gill said the leadership review itself is evidence the UCP knows it needs to do everything it can to stay in power.

The President also spoke about the struggles of the last year, with Locals dealing with COVID, vaccine mandates, masks and other pandemic issues.

“I am proud of how CUPE worked to protect our members and the public in these most difficult of times,” said Gill. “Local leaders have had little help from government or employers, but you have all been professional, empathetic, and determined.”

Gill also addressed bargaining issues, with a particular emphasis on the K-12 sector.

“Staff in the K-12 sector have not seen meaningful wage increases in over seven years.

The average Educational Assistant in Alberta makes just $27,495 per year. This is a position that requires a minimum of one year of post-secondary education and is entrusted with the care and education of some of the most vulnerable students in our society.

We need to make the education of our children a profession which attracts the best and the brightest, not chase them away.”