Dear Members,

On Monday May 23, 2016, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo sent out an intent to return to work form to be filled out by all employees with a mandatory form return date of May 27.

The contents of this form have in no way been endorsed by CUPE nor does CUPE condone the form’s intent.  CUPE Local 1505 has been asking numerous questions about this form, but the Employer is being very selective and evasive in answering these questions.

At this time CUPE is advising all members to refer to the re-entry guidelines put out by the Province and the RMWB specifically page 2  outlining those who should not be returning to the area prior to the hospital being re-opened.  If you suffer from any physical or mental health issues that prevent you from returning to Fort McMurray or are currently undergoing treatment we encourage you to obtain a medical certificate from a physician.

Below is a link to a form, developed by CUPE, that you can fill out if you are unable to return to work immediately for any reason and requesting a meeting with Union representation to discuss options with the Employer.

If you have any further questions or concerns please email

Click here for the form


Dear Local Executive and CUPE Members,

 Re: Relief FUND for CUPE Alberta members  

In light of the devastation caused by wild fires in the Fort McMurray area, CUPE Alberta is creating a Relief Fund to assist CUPE members in Alberta who are affected by this 2016 fire.

All monies collected will go directly to CUPE members, the funds will be split amongst CUPE Alberta members who have lost their homes or who will have to be relocated for an extended period of time.

We are asking locals to donate to the Relief Fund to assist our members in rebuilding their lives and homes, and restore hope for the future.

We are hoping to have all donations into the CUPE Alberta Office asap.   This will enable us to distribute the funds to the affected CUPE members.

Please forward your donation to:

CUPE Alberta Treasurer
ATTN: Relief Fund – Fire
300 – 10235 124 Street
Edmonton AB T5N 1P9

In solidarity,
Marle's signature
Marle Roberts
President, CUPE Alberta


Important information for drivers

Renewing Your Provincial Driver’s Licence

fleetAs of April 1, 2016 the Province of Alberta will no longer be mailing out reminders to your home to renew your provincial driver’s licence.

Employees operating employer fleet vehicles or equipment are required to have a valid provincial driver’s licence, as well as an operator’s permit.

 It is the responsibility of employees to ensure that you renew your provincial driver’s licence prior to your birthday expiration date.

Please click the link below to sign up for your free renewal notification via email or text message.

Visit to request a renewal reminder email or text message.


April 28 – Day of Mourning


Every day, workers around the world are injured and killed while trying to earn a living. In Alberta, workplace deaths number in the hundreds per year.

On April 28th we pause to remember those injured and killed while working, and re-commit to improving conditions so further deaths will not occur.

The last year has sadly seen its share of workplace deaths and injuries. However, there is some good news. Alberta has joined other provinces in Canada in protecting agricultural workers under labour and health and safety laws. In the first three months of 2016, WCB Alberta has approved 159 applications for compensation from farmworkers – applications that would have been denied last year.

There is still much more to be done. Workplace deaths are preventable. Please keep working to make our jobs safer.

Click here to find out about April 28 events in your area.



Election results

DSC_4882Election results

The following individuals were elected to the CUPE Alberta executive today.

Secretary – Treasurer

Glynnis Lieb (CUPE 3911)

General Vice President – North

David Graham (CUPE 941)

Recording Secretary

Diane Miller (CUPE 5606)

AVP – Peace River

Randy Wald (CUPE 787)

AVP Fort McMurray

Crystal Sali (CUPE 2545)

AVP Northwest

Sheila Stewart (CUPE 1357)

AVP Northeast

Joyce Baker (CUPE 1606)

AVP Edmonton

Lee-Anne Kalen (CUPE 1099)

AVP Red Deer

Brenda Reid (CUPE 4733)

AVP Calgary

Rory Gill (CUPE 709)

AVP Lethbridge

Esther Rodzinyak (CUPE 1825)

AVP Medicine Hat

Brenda Barton (CUPE 46)

AAVP – Edmonton

Mario Pailamilla (CUPE 474)

AAVP Peace River

Sherri McGinty (CUPE 3705)

Diversity Vice President

Elizabeth Bonk-Richards (CUPE 4731)

Trustee – three year term

Barry Benoit (CUPE 474)

AAVP – Lethbridge

Liselotte (Lottie) Freijer-Poulsen (CUPE 70)

Mental health issues dominate convention

voting cardIssues of mental health in and around the workplace dominated discussion at the CUPE Alberta convention on Thursday morning. Two committee reports (Global Justice and Equal Opportunities) as well as a number of resolutions dealt with the subject.

Delegates heard a presentation from Claudia Canales & Andrew Szeto about the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

“There is a common myth that those who ‘suck it up’ are strong,” said Szeto.  “Those who share their story are the strong ones.”

Szeto said the Mental Health Commission, an arm’s length organization funded by the Federal Government, aims to reduce the stigma about mental health in Canada and open minds.

According to the commission, one in five Canadians have a mental illness each year. Almost 500,000 Canadians will not go to work because of mental illness, at a cost of $51 billion per year to hospitals, insurance costs, lost wages, and other costs.  Szeto calls that figure conservative, since it doesn’t include ‘presenteeism’ and many other costs associated with mental health.

There is help for many people with mental health problems, but the stigma remains a barrier. According to Szeto, between 50%-65% won’t seek help; but help seeking leads to better prognosis, increased productivity and a positive financial impact.

In addition, doing nothing adds costs to employers due to staff turnover, legal implications and injuries.